Serayu Spa - A Heritage Healing Touch

Ubud, 1 May 2023 – Speaking about hotels, not always about rooms but also other supporting facilities. One of them is the spa facility. At the same time as the opening of The Kayon Valley Resort, we opened a spa facility, Serayu Spa, located inside the resort.

Serayu Spa at The Kayon Valley Resort is the third branch opened by The Kayon Hotels and Resorts according to the number of existing resorts. Provides various products such as relaxing massages, pedicures & manicures, yoga, and other relaxations and beauty rituals. Products offered use aromatherapy ingredients derived from natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for the body.

“Guests who stay on our Resort in average comes from countries that are far away with long flight distances, so with the spa facilities in the resort. Guests will have a rest and relax moment for their tired bodies, then they will be recharged and feel refreshed to start their vacation in Bali.” Said the CEO of the Kayon Hotels and Resorts, Mr. I Wayan Sucitra.

The facilities at Serayu Spa are open not only for in-house guests but also outside the resort. Serayu Spa presents treatments for all guests who want to experience ancient Balinese traditional treatments. Open every day from 9 AM to 9 PM, within that time Serayu spa provides luxurious therapeutic experiences such as sauna, jacuzzi and salon beauty treatments.

“Serayu Spa at The Kayon Valley Resort presents authentic and traditional body treatments that take the essence of the cultural heritage of Balinese medicine. The tradition of beautiful, healing touches has long been ingrained in Balinese culture, and this is what we want to pass on to our guests as a relaxing experience for the body.” Said the Spa Manager of The Kayon Valley Resort, Mrs. Dayu Putri Oktariani

About The Kayon

Kayon means spirit of the true essence of life, Kayon in Wayang Kulit, or shadow puppet show is the symbol of the universe with its flawless, kindness, and graciousness. The authenticity of The Kayon is the philosophy that our team is a family, and treating our guests like family, everyone becomes very special by the heart service in every single way. The Kayon Hotel & Resort accommodation portfolio operates in the beautiful landscape of rice fields and forests of Ubud, Bali as: The Kayon Resort, The Kayon Jungle Resort, The Kayon Valley Resort.