The name of Puspaka is inspired by the story of Ramayana when the King of Rama was in a doubt about his wife’s, Shinta, love devotion after being kidnapped by a bad King of Rahwana. The story told that Shinta then proved it up by jumping into the fire, known as Mesatya ritual. The God of Sun, Surya, saw her honest and sincere devotion then blessed Shinta to be invulnerable and was not burned, magically the fire changed into lily flower petals and the smoke became a fragrant pervaded the entire place. The true love is proved; Rama’s faith of Shinta’s love in convinced and takes Shinta into the Royal carriage called PUSPAKA.

Puspaka Sky Wedding Chapel at the Kayon Jungle Resort is set incorporate with Yoga pavilion which has a truly Ubud magnificent natural setting of rice field, Jungles and the sounds of nature. Its location at the most stunning location in the resort, on top of Spa building, makes it feels high on the sky.  With this location will give chance to capture for the best picture of lifetimes memory.

Designed with the antique Balinese royal carriage and decorated with local flowers will take you to the spirit of Shinta Love devotion when say ‘Yes I Do’, witnessed by family and best friends. After the wedding finished the guests might consider the dinner venue to be at; Kepitu Restaurant, Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar, at their own style and convenience. The Puspaka Wedding Chapel also opens for outsider guests