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The Kayon Jungle Resort is a place where seasoned travellers can escape the hectic pace of everyday life and feel renewed by the beauty of nature. This sanctuary of tropical indulgence is located within the traditional Balinese village of Bresela, Payangan and is just 25 minutes from the cultural heart of Ubud.

*Children below 15 years old, senior citizen/people who are having mobility issues, drone, durian and pet are not permitted in our resort due to our concept are set for Honeymooner, Romance, Healing, Relaxation & for safety reasons



Our Accommodations

Suite 1

Kayon Jungle Suite

20 units featured with large bedroom, living space, ensuite bathroom with bathtub and balcony overlooking the jungle and valley view.

Jungle Pool Villa

Jungle Pool Villa

Villa (8)

Kayon Premier Pool Villas

Valley Pool Villa-9

Valley Pool Villas

Villa (21)

Kayon Royal Pool Villas

Discover Our Special Offers

Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar

Inspired by the gentle curves of Bali’s famed Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar is spread over three distinctive levels. Each infinity pool is a refreshing body of water that lends itself to tropical relaxation and there is ample deck space to lie back and soak up the sun. Offering a collection of shaded cabanas and a unique circular seating pod, this picturesque venue recreates the ambience of an exclusive day club in a lush river valley setting.

Our Facilities

Kepitu Restaurant

For an exceptional dining experience, Kepitu Restaurant at The Kayon Jungle Resort is a smart venue designed to uplift the senses. An extended outdoor area offers a sweeping view over the entire property and the vibrant greenery of the encompassing river valley. The terrace is guarded by a towering statue of Kumbakarna, a character from the epic Ramayana poem who known to be a sleeping giant yet a mighty warrior during times of battle.

Serayu Spa

Serayu Spa is the spa for traveler who loves life, where “life enthusiastic” can relax and make the most of their trip. This is a spa that is designed to facilitate the fundamental needs for recharging while travelling, where guests will find warm, genuine and comfortable atmosphere.

Puspaka Sky Wedding Chapel

Elevated high above the natural splendour of a tropical valley, Puspaka Sky Wedding Chapel is a picture-perfect setting for celebrations of the heart.

The Kayon Boardroom

For private meetings, corporate seminars and confidential negotiations, The Kayon Boardroom is available for up to 30 people. Supported by superior audio-visual technology

The Canyon Jetty Restaurant

Perched on the river edge and surrounded by the canyon of the pristine Oos River, the Canyon Jetty restaurant offers the most romantic dining venue.

Our Events

Latest Past Events

A Day In May

Wanna Jungle Pool and Bar Banjar, Desa, Bresela, Kec. Payangan, Gianyar

Inclusion : Special Live BBQ Corner Free 1st Cocktail For Ladies F&B credit Pool bed/lounger Terms & Conditions : All prices are subjected to 21% tax and service charges Dinner …

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Delightful Thai Night

Kepitu Restaurant at The Kayon Jungle Resort Banjar, Desa, Bresela, Kec. Payangan, Gianyar

Terms & Conditions : All prices are subjected to 21% tax and service charges Dinner will start at 7:00 - 10:00pm Outside food & beverages is not allowed Venue will …

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What They Said

Amarprit Kaur
Amarprit Kaur
The best resort I’ve been to. Such great hospitality great staff and warm services
뷰가 다한 곳 유명한 3단 수영장뷰 사진 그대로 인생샷 찍기 좋다! 풀빌라 컨디션도 좋고 헬스장,당구대,스파,요가 클래스 등등 리조트 안에서만 있어도 할게많다 다만 가는길이 우붓에서 40분정도 구불구불 산길을 올라가야하고 한번 들어가면 다시 나갔다오기 귀찮으니 리조트 안에서만 먹고놀고 하려면 추천! 도마뱀,바퀴벌레,개미는 못봤지만 개구리는 봄 샤워기 필터 끼웠는데 아주 미세하게 변한거 보니 수질도 괜찮은듯 다만 아고다에서 예약하고 갔는데 허니문 요청한게 반영되지 않았고 다른사이트에서 예약한것과 차이나는 서비스를 받았다 (아마 할인되는 정도에따라 차등을 두는듯) 마사지 10분 무료 서비스는 정확히 6분 해줌 따로 받으려했지만 마사지 가격이 룸가격과 맞먹는다...ㅎ 또 단점이라면 침구가 꿉꿉함 그래도 탁트인 정글뷰 3단 수영장은 비교할곳이 없어서 추천한다(특히 노키즈존이라 허니문에 좋음)
The Kayon Jungle Resort is an absolutely stunning oasis in the heart of Ubud. From the moment I arrived, I was blown away by the lush, serene surroundings and impeccable attention to detail. The staff is warm and welcoming, the food is delicious, and the accommodations are luxurious and comfortable. Whether you're looking to relax and unwind or explore the natural beauty of Bali, The Kayon Jungle Resort is the perfect choice. I can't recommend this place enough!
Aalasmarei As
Aalasmarei As
اهديكم اغنيه ولا غلطه مكان راقي جدا قمت بزيارته مع زوجي الجميل ميسو وكان كل شيء اكثر من ميه ميه اذا يبغى انا يرجع كلام ميسو هو نفر واجد كويس
다 너무 좋았어요. 꾸타에서 그랩타고 한참 힘들게 들어갔지만 나오기 힘든만큼 그 안에서 다양한 액티비티가 있어서 좋았습니다. 안디가 하는 아침 요가수업과 모닝워크 꼭 하시길 추천드려요! (여자분의 요가는 개인적으로 별로였음..) 수영장도 넓고 층이 달라서 생각보다 밀도 높지 않게 잘 놀았어요. 몇번은 수영장 전세낸 것처럼 썼습니다. 음식은 평범하고 가격은 나쁘진 않았어요(다른 우붓숙소에 비하면 당연히 비싸지만 한국에 비하면..?) 직원들도 다 너무 친절했습니다. 다만 조식타임에 마사지를 권하는 직원이 있었는데 본인만의 할인을 해주겠다면서 가서 얼마만 내면 된다해서 그걸로 예약했는데 막상 가니 그런 할인은 없다면서 끝까지 제값으로 받더라구요.. 혹시나 그런 권유가 있다면 직원의 이름 외워놓으시고 반드시 기록이라도 남겨두세요.. 마사지 자체는 자연 소리 들으면서 하기에 좋았습니당. 그리고 셰프 2명이 콜라보하는 특별저녁식사를 예약했었는데 커플들만 좋은 자리주고 저는 친구랑 갔더니 제일 바깥쪽에 입구쪽 주더라구요...(다른 친구랑 온 분들도 바깥쪽에 앉힘) 예약까지 했는데 빈자리도 있었는데 기분 좀 나빴음... 객실은 뷰가 정말정말정말 미쳤고 깔끔해요. 숲속이고 제가 갔을땐 비가 와서 좀 꿉꿉하긴했습니다. 벌레는 없었어요. 오히려 수영장에서 술시켜먹을때 개미가 어마무시하게 많았음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Antoine Rivayrand
Antoine Rivayrand
Jean-mickael Serveaux
Jean-mickael Serveaux
Tout est extraordinaire, petit bémol à tout c influenceurs qui viennent pourrir les lieux en se prenant pour des divas et quand on les regardes bien ya de quoi pleurer