The Kayon Jungle Resort is located in the rural village of Bresela, approximately 25 minutes from downtown Ubud. It is a hinterland setting edged by topical forest and rice terraces in an area perched above the flowing waters of the Oos River. This serene environment has the unique ability to refresh body, mind and spirit.


Removed from the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourism, The Kayon Jungle Resort is a peaceful retreat where guests can reconnect with the beauty of nature. It lends itself to leisurely walks around the village where daily life is typically dominated by an endless cycle of ceremonial rituals and rites.


Bresela is home to a talented community of local craftsmen who are known for their artistic intuition and wood carving skills. The people here primarily produce ornate bowls and decorative stands that are used by Balinese Hindus for the placement of symbolic offerings to appease the gods.


For curious travellers looking to venture beyond the resort and its immediate surroundings, there are numerous activities and sites of interest just waiting to be experienced. From ancient temples to traditional dance performances, a sacred monkey forest, the elephant park, white water rafting adventures and cycling excursions, the list of things to see and do is endless.

Nearby Place of Interest

  • Ubud Palace
  • Ubud traditional market
  • Ubud Monkey forest
  • Art Museums
  • White Heron village



  • Airport 90 minutes
  • Kuta 80 minutes
  • Sanur 50 minutes
  • Ubud Palace and Ubud Market 15 minutes
  • Ubud Monkey Forest 15 Minutes
  • Tampak Siring Holly Spring 15 minutes
  • Ceking Tegallalang Rice Terrace 15 minutes
  • Batur Volcano 25 Minutes
  • Jimbaran 90 minutes
  • Nusa Dua 90 minutes



Bresela is the name of the village where The Kayon Jungle Resort is located. The village is located in the remote area and has very high talented handy craft product call “ WANCI or DULANG” for the Balinese to place the offering to their God’s.  The village also surround with beautiful rice terraces and jungle.  This is the additional benefit for The Kayon Jungle Resort location. About 25 minutes’ drive from hustle and bustle Ubud center and the guest can enjoy the quietness place and the guests also can enjoy visiting the village by themselves or the walk to see the rice terraces and enjoy cool fresh air and probably the most gorgeous hillside vista in the region, it also allows the guests to shed off some calories too as they wish.

Leisure walkers may take the trek only to visit rice terraces and main village near the resort.  While the more serious and curious trekkers can continue to the north side of the village and can visit the Chocolate Factory or visit the Taro holly village , Gunung Raung Temple or visiting Mason/ Bali Adventure Elephant Safari Park.   After all their own activities within walking distance from our resort, the guests might relieve their muscles with a great massage at our Serayu Spa at The Kayon.