Serayu Spa is a haven of relaxation designed to help you slow down and temporarily disconnect from the trappings of modern living. It is a place where you can unwind, recharge and make the most of your stay on the island of Bali with a choice of nurturing body and beauty rituals. Whether you choose to share your spa experience with a friend or loved one, or simply go it alone, we promise a session of personal indulgence that will leave you looking good and feeling even better. Embrace wellness and celebrate the moment!

Serayu Spa is proudly using Pevonia Botanica, the multi-award-winning facial and skincare ranges and spa treatments, the finest quality product with 100% natural ingredients and organic formulation. Pevonia Botanica providing maximum holistic wellness, skin rejuvenation and radiance, through the outstanding skincare solution while maintaining an affinity with nature through green, natural formula, and manufactured with cutting edge technology to ensure avisible result

Sensatia Botanicals creates clean and simple, yet wonderfully rich products made with high- Quality cruelty free raw materials carefully sourced from reputable, sustainable minded individuals and companies. NO chemicals, artificial substances, or synthetics are used in the products, and every material is tested in the Sensatia lab before processing and registered with the BPOM, GMP, MUI certified.




Balinese Massage (60 minutes)


Balinese Massage (90 minutes)


(Ritual herb Foot bath, Traditional Balinese massage, Refreshment ginger tea)

Authentic traditional Massage it’s combined with Balinese technique, stretching, long stroke skin rolling, and palm, thumbs pressure techniques to balance the energy centers and improve the integration of your internal systems, blood circulation and release stress.

Bamboo Jungle Massage (90 minutes)


(Ritual herb Foot bath, Bamboo massage, Refreshment  ginger tea, Free 15’ Jacuzzi)

De- Stress release stiff muscles & Unwind

Through the healing and relaxation which puts you in a deeper state of calm, leaving you thoroughly relaxed from head to toa and giving you a tremendously soothing experience. Using a combination of long and short bamboo canes,with deep tissue massage techniques using warm aroma oil.

Serayu Beauty Signature Massage (60 minutes)


Serayu Beauty Signature Massage (90 minutes)


(Ritual herb foot bath, Serayu beauty massage, Refreshment ginger tea)

Using fluid, Rhythmic strokes like rolling waves along the body, a combination of Lomi lomi technique and Balinese massage will help to soothe and restore energy to your body, eliminate waste and stimulate toxins in your body.




( Ritual herb foot bath, Anti-aging massage Balm – supple skin, improves skin elasticity,Refreshment tea and Home made cookies, FREE 15’ Jacuzzi)

Using Pevonia’s anti-aging massage balm rich in vitamin E, Squalane, Geranium and Orange oil to counteract premature aging. Not only ease muscle tension this massage also wonderfully lifting and firming skin. Rejuvenate dry, very dry and dehydrated skin, this massage is deeply nourished and restore youthful-looking skin.




(Ritual herb Foot Bath,Deep tension massage with hot towel ritual & holistic Moor mud back application, Refreshment tea and Home made Cookies, FREE 15’ Steam & Sauna)

Pevonia’s holistic exotic Moor mud rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes is generously applied to your back to complement with Pevonia’s Vitality massage oil for a deep relaxing body massage. Deep tension, sore muscles, aches and pains are alleviated as your body’s circulation is stimulated and stress vanishes.

Deep Tissue massage (60 Minutes)


Deep Tissue massage (90 Minutes)


(Ritual herb Foot bath, Deep tissue massage with warm oil & hot towel, Refreshment ginger tea)

 This deep tissue massage, focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements for increasing circulation, assisting with healing injuries, and creating a very deep sense of relaxation in the body using our special warm Spicy oils, concluded with warm towel application.

Serayu Fusion Herbal Massage (60 minutes)


Serayu Fusion Herbal Massage (90 minutes)


(Ritual herb Foot bath, Warm Herbal massage, Refreshment  ginger tea, Free 15’ Jacuzzi)

Performed for hundreds of years, Herbal Ball Massage are known to provide deep relaxation while relieving stress and fatigue, and improving health. The therapy relies on the use of hot compresses or “poultices” filled with a selection of herbs and spices. Those compresses, generally wet and then steamed, are gently applied to specific points of the body releasing their healing benefits into the pores of the skin. They can be combined with the use of hands to focus the massage on knots.

Aromatherapy Massage (60 Minutes)


Aromatherapy Massage (90 Minutes)


(Ritual Foot bath, Aromatherapy massage with Relaxing warm oil, Refreshment ginger tea)

A relaxing massage involving a variety of techniques, essential oil are applied in long sweeping strokes which warm up the skin and muscles, the essential experience is completed with a oil burner that enhance the benefits of those oils extracted from herbs and plants.

Serayu Warm Stone Massage (90 Minutes)


(Ritual herb Foot bath, Warm Stone massage, Refreshment ginger tea, Free 15’ Jacuzzi)

A nature therapy warm stone are using typically river rock stone, heated in sanitizing water to give beneficial muscle relaxing, improved circulation and pain relief.

Mom To- Be Massage (60 Minutes)


(Ritual herb foot bath, Gentle massage with Virgin Coconut Oil, Refreshment ginger tea and cookies)

Enjoy relief from the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy.This gentle,massage will ease your discomfort,reduce swelling and help lower stress.

Enrich Experience Massage (30 Minutes)


Enrich Experience Massage (45 Minutes)


(Ritual herb Foot bath, back, neck & shoulder massage with hot towel, Refreshment  ginger tea)

This is the perfect cure after long flight, to relieve tensions. It consists of a condensed but complete head, neck and shoulder massage using our special blend of oils, concluded with warm towel application.

Foot Reflexology (30 Minutes)


Foot Reflexology (45 Minutes)


(Ritual herb Foot bath, Reflexology, Refreshment ginger tea)     

An ancient Chinese healing art focused on the pressure point in the feet that correspond with organs and muscles of body, including a hand reflexology for improves circulation and general wellness.


Seaweed Scrub & Milk Mask (60 Minutes)


Seaweed offers superior hydration as well as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Wonderfully fresh seashore scent makes this exfoliating scrub and mask a summer shower must have.

(Ritual herb Foot wash, Seaweed Body Scrub,Milk & Honey Body mask, Head & Hand massage, Shower, Refreshment  ginger tea)

Coconut & Tumeric Scrub & Yogurt Mask (60 Minutes)


Our finely shredded coconut & turmeric is just right for polishing delicate smooth scrub without scratching or scouring. Our coconut combine this gentle Exfoliate with a blend of nourishing honey & shooting turmeric. This will leave the skin smooth & very recommend for sunburn skin       

(Ritual herb Foot wash, Coconut Turmeric scrub &Yogurt mask, Shower, Head & Hand massage ,Refreshment  ginger tea)

Avocado & Cucumber Exfoliating & Gel Mask (60 Minutes)


The Avocado and Cucumber body scrub has been formulated to absorb excess oils and deeply cleanse the skin. This scrub will clean off any deep-rooted dirt or impurities on the skin, leaving your skin feeling cleansed and radiant.

(Ritual herb Foot wash, Avocado Cucumber & Gel mask, Head & Hand massage ,Shower, Refreshment ginger tea)

Serayu Body Soft & Glow (60 minutes)


Pure and natural ingredients are used in this traditional Indonesian beauty ritual to cleanse, smooth, soften and rejuvenate your skin. An exfoliating paste made from Papaya Fresh fruit with Grattan nut ,yogurt and rice powder will gently eliminate dead skin cells & moisturiser your skin .

(Ritual herb Foot wash, Body Scrub & Body mouisturizer, Head & Hand massage ,Shower, Refreshment ginger tea)

Signature Boreh (60 minutes)


Local herbs have specific healing powers when used in this wrap to warm the body, help eliminate impurities and stimulate blood circulation.

(Ritual Herb Foot wash, Gentle Back Ginger massage, Warm Body Wrap, Head massage  ,Refreshment ginger tea)

Sensatia Sea Salt Body Scrub (60 minutes)



The special blend of pure Balinese sea salt, orange extract and Lavender essential oil provides an invigorating deep cleansing treatment suitable for all skin types, to expoliate and calm irritated skin.

(Ritual Herb Foot wash, Gentle Back massage, body scrub,Refreshment ginger tea & cookies)

Mango Passion Fruit Scrub by Pevonia (60 minutes)



Slip away in the enticing tropical aroma with tropical fruit extracts saltmousse body scrub, The best of nature from the purest organic ingredients to treat your skin. Essential treatment to boost your skin’s health and energy level.

(Ritual Herb Foot wash, Gentle back massage , saltmouse body scrub, Refreshment ginger tea & cookies)


“Give your Hair the Boost it Needs”

Hair Wash and Blow Dry (60 minutes)


Beauty Hair Mask and Blow Dry (90 minutes)





Making the most of nature’s bounty, these highly beneficial facial rituals draw their lure from various natural product hailed in Bali for their beautifying and healing qualities.  Created to suit all skin types, select from our treatments below to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify tired skin and emerge with a radiant, youthful glow.  All products are freshly prepared according to the skin condition.

(All skin Type – Fresh Natural Signature Facial — Refreshment ginger tea)




(Anti-aging – smoothes wrinkle and supple skin – Refreshment ginger tea with home made cookies)       

Plumps fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate, smoothes and supple skin. Rich in concentrated Collagen and Squalane. Prevent early aging, best to combat excessive dryness, dry and dehydrated skin. Leaves skin plump, supple and younger looking.




ORGANIC WHITE LOTUS FACIAL (Express facial 30 minutes)



(Normalize skin type, smooth, hydrated skin, Refreshment ginger tea with Home made cookies)                                                          

Pure organic aromatherapy elixirs & botanical actives formulations from Pevonia Botanica to purify, balance & renew the skin.  Improves your skin naturally and restore normal, balanced moisture levels. Leaving your skin radiant, softer, and hydrated.




(Normalize skin type, refresh,promotes healthy skin, Refreshment ginger tea with Home made cookies)                                             

Razor rash, skin irritations or sensitivity are all treated in this executive facial. Combining Green Tea and other phyto extracts, this facial treatment will calm, heal, and truly enrich your skin. Leaving your skin clean, refresh and healthy.

AFTER-SUN FACIAL (30 minutes)



Instantly soothe the skin and restore hydration, with the repairing benefit of White Lotus and Green Tea to deeply hydrate and desensitize skin. No face scrub and face massage performed.


Serayu Manicure (60 Minutes)


Luxurious conditioning cares for your hands. More youthful hands through nail filling, cuticle trimming and minimizing, with exploitation to the hands massage. Allowing the hands to appear softer and smoother. Nail polish or buffing included.

Serayu Pedicure (60 Minutes)


Pampering time for your feet, we begin with an aromatic foot soak and scrub. Filling cuticle minimizing, pampering foot or leg massage to enhance the condition of your beautiful feet. Nail polish or buffing included.

Additional Polish

OPI Polish

150K/hands or feet

GEL Polish

200K/hands or feet

GEL Accecories

150K/hands or feet

Remove Gel Polish

200K/hands or feet


Rajani (90 minutes)

1000K /person

(Ritual Herb foot bath, Combination Balinese massage& Fusion herbal treatment, Relaxing Herbal bath, Refreshment ginger tea and home-made cookies)

Indulgence from head to toe, the combination of traditional treatment is designed to leave your feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. Start your journey with Ritual foot wash followed by Traditional body massage and Herbal treatment to loosen energy blockages and recoup deficiencies, complete the treatment with Relaxing Herbal Bath as you enjoy a serve of Refreshment tea and home-made cookies.

Warm Journey (90 minutes)

900K /person

(Ritual Herb foot bath, Deep Tissue massage , Warm boreh mask, 15’ warm jacuzzi , refreshment ginger tea and home made cookies)

Ultimate spa experience with deep tissue massage, creating a very deep sense of relaxation in the body using our special warm Spicy oils, concluded with warm towel application and continue apply local herbs have specific healing powers when used in this wrap to warm the body, help eliminate impurities and stimulate blood circulation.

Candra Kirana (120 minutes)

1.200 K/person

(Ritual Herb foot bath, Deep Tissue  massage, Signature Facial treatment, Refreshment ginger tea and home-made  cookies, 15’ Free Jacuzzi)

Treat yourself to this unique experience and indulge your body and soul with Therapeutic sport massage for begin relieve the muscles tension with a deep tissue techniques, followed by signature natural facial to complete you indulge experience will leave you feeling totally clean and Refreshed as you enjoy a serve of Refreshment tea and home-made cookies.

Kamani (120 Minutes)


(Ritual Herb foot bath, Aromatherapy massage, Seaweed Scrub & Cucumber Gel Mask  , Relaxing Tropical Bath or Private Jacuzi , Refreshment ginger tea and home-made cookies)

Aromatherapy massage with chosen warm oil special from us unwind your body, continues an indulge your body with coffee scrub to exfoliate to get smooth skin, our coffee mask will penetrate all the ingredient even more to your body, complete the treatment with Flower Bath as you enjoy a serve of Refreshment tea and home-made cookies.

Shirodara (120 Minutes)


(Ritual foot bath,Sound healing Signature  Massage, Shirodara treatment, Indian head massage , Refreshment ginger Tea & home made cookies)

An amazing, unique body therapy from the ancient natural medical system Ayurweda,combine with Serayu spa tehniques.Shirodara has profound impact on the nerveous system, the treatment directly and immediately calms,relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind & nerves and continues with Indian head massage, relieves symptoms of anxiety & depression to complete you indulge experience.

Keshi Beauty (150 Minutes)

1.500K /person

(Ritual Herb foot bath, Serayu beauty massage, Signature Body soft & Glow, Signature Natural Facial, Relaxing Tropical  bath or Private Jacuzi & serving mozaik fruit plater  , completing with Refreshment tea and home-made cookies)

This treatment is the perfect way to end a perfect day, begin with a aromatherapy massage for first applied in long sweeping strokes which warm up the skin, continue with choice of Natural body scrub and mask for make skin are glow, finishing with a flower bath and essential oil, followed by signature natural facial to complete you indulge experience will leave you feeling totally clean,as you enjoy a serve of Refreshment tea and home-made cookies.

Magani Retreat (150 Minutes)

2.700 K/Couple


(Ritual Herb Foot wash, Bamboo massage, Sea salt body scrub & Ginger wrap, Shower, Steam & Sauna and completing with Choice of Fresh Fruit Juice or Mozaik Fruit plater)

Refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul with this ultimate head to toe treatment with our Signature Jungle Bamboo treatment. Continue with dead sea salts to exfoliate the skin and following with warming ginger wrap The wrap flushes out toxins trapped underneath the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite’s and complete this ancient therapeutic remedies with Bathing Rituals by soaking your body in our jacuzzi hot tub to decreased your pain and stiffness





2.000K /person


Tropical journey – divine aromatic, head to toe rejuvenation

(Jacuzi 15’,Ritual Footbath – Tropical Body Butter Massage  – Pevonia Express White Lotus facial  – Tropical Wild flower body scrub – Tropical body wrap – Tropical flower bath or Private Jacuzi ,Refreshment  ginger tea and home-made cookies and Completing with choices Healthy Menu)

The ultimate indulgence of a divine tropical aroma senses to pamper your mind and body. The fruity aroma of Mango & Passionfruits saltmousse smoothes and mineralizes skin, and the creme body wrap delivering repairing natural anti-aging ingredients to the skin’s body. Then lay back and relax soaking in bath filled with tropical flowers petals. Continue with a rejuvenating body massage using tropical body butter and conclude with an express White Lotus facial for your skin phenomenal glow.


1.500K /person


Holistic healing – restore energy, strength and inner balance

(Ritual Footbath – Hot towel ritual & Moor Mud body wrap with Indian head massage – 90 minutes Body massage with hot oil, Completing with Herbal bath and Refreshment Tea & Home made Cookies)

This healing black magma warm Aromatic Moor Mud is rich in natural vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Ideal for those prone to chronic pain or fatigue, rheumatism/arthritis pain and post-sports injuries. This superb mud offers a gentle thermal action which stimulates and invigorates the body bringing a state of deep relaxation and wellbeing. This treatment is designed to awaken  the body to restore strength and inner balance.

REFRESH & RENEW (120 minutes)



(30’ Jacuzi , Ritual Foot Bath, Body Massage – Pevonia Express White Lotus Facial, Refreshment tea with Home made Cookies)

Body and face rejuvenation in a blitz! Enjoy the energizing body massage with the benefits of key essential oils to ease muscle tension and nourish the skin, and express facial treat leaving your skin healthy, radiant and smooth.


SO IN LOVE (150 minutes)



(Ritual Footbath – Tropical Body butter massage – Pevonia Express White Lotus facial – Tropical Mango Saltmousse scrub – Tropical flowers bath or Private Jacuzi with a glass of wine & Fruit Mozaic Plater Refreshment tea with Home made Cookies)

Refine as new, the whole spa journey talks about love…Start with Relaxing body massage and a rejuvenating refresher facial, Continue the love journey with Slip away in the enticing tropical aroma with tropical fruit extracts saltmousse body scrub. Then get spoilt in an intimate tropical bath session to finish with complimented  a glass of wine and Mozaik Fruit Plater . A truly perfect moment for the ultimate love celebration.

LOVE BLISS (120 minutes)


(Ritual Footbath – Body  massage  Tropical Mango Saltmousse scrub body scrub – Troical flowers bath or romatic private jacuzi with a glass of wine & Fruit Mozaic Plater , Refreshment Tea with Home made cookies)

True bliss experience to share love. Begins with Relaxing Body massage to wrap your blissfull moment together and completely organic Jojoba body scrub to purify the skin, then continue with a romantic flower bath session complimented with a glass of wine and Fruit Mozaic Plater for your best pampering moment.



This body treatment is inspired by the celebration of Science (Banyu Pinaruh) which is held every six month in Bali. It  is like water (banyu)  which washes away all forms of darkness of mind, defilements of the soul, ignorance and human ignorance. With knowledge, everyone will see a bright and clean path in his life. But in Bali, where everything is translated into “Art, Shape and Symbol”, this cleansing of all ignorance, darkness and filth is also translated in a sekala and niskala manner,physically and non-physically. In addition to pray and ask for the cleanliness of the mind and heart, various ‘physical’ cleansing events are also carried out. One of the rituals that is often carried out today is the cleansing ritual and the process of body fragrance, which is called “Body Scenting”. Starting from standard cleansing to ritual cleansing and body deodorization. From head to toe”


Started with Dudus Arum with  essence aromatherapy at Sauna & steam , then continued by  Healing singing bowl as a way to promote relaxation and reduce feelings of anxiety. Jack fruit leave body scrub will exfoliate your body .It is a very potent anti-aging herb as it slows down the degeneration of skin cells; helps to refresh the skin itself and makes  it look younger. Sandalwood milk mask is rich in antioxidant that prevents skin sagging and the consequent formation of wrinkles as well as maintaining youthful and healthy eyesight .Aloe vera mixed with urang aring or“false daisy,” becomes an oil when its botanical extracts are mixed with a carrier oil to prevent hair loss, dandruff, and graying. All body cleansings ending with  body shower “Yeh Kumkuman” Flower aromatheraphy  water essence,  Loloh/ Traditional Healthy drink & Cookies to complete your ultimate ritual body cleansing  )

(15’ sauna, 15’ steam,  5’ Healing singing bowl, 30’ Body scrub, 30 ‘Body mask & Hair mask with gentle massage, 5’ Eye shower, 20’ Body cleansing with Flower Aromatic water essence, ending with serving “Loloh” herbal drink & cookies)

All about prices are in “000” Rupiah and subject to 21% Government Tax and Service Charge.